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In order to provide a speedy listing or registration process on our exchange either as a trader or company, we require the following forms be completed and uploaded to our exchange.

The first step is to create a free account on our exchange at this link - You will receive confirmation e-mail with additional information. To use all areas of the exchange, you need to submit the following forms:

Forms for Issuers

    Corporate Resolution Form
Please submit this form if you plan to list your company on the IWW Exchange.

    Application Letter Form 1A
Please fill out the form and copy the content of that form onto your company's letterhead and submit it to IWWE to have your company listed on our exchange.

    Listing Application Form 1B
Please submit this form to have your company listed on the IWW Exchange.

    Listing Summary Form 2
Submit this form if you plan to list your company on the exchange.

    Personal Information Form 3
This form is required in order to list your company on the exchange.

Forms for Traders

    KYC Know Your Client Form
This form is similar to Form 3 and is required for clients who are only interested in trading on the exchange. If you have your company listed, this form is not required, but Form 3 would be.

General Forms

    EDT Information
Electronic Document Transmission Legal Clause from the UCC International Legal Standards

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