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The IW World Exchange has its online presence since 2015!

IW World Exchange, a divisions of BalanceGroup OÜ, is registered through its parent company BalanceGroup OÜ in Estonia since September 2018 under the registered name of BalanceGroup OÜ with registration number 14454667.

BalanceGroup OÜ operates a Cryptocurrency Wallet, license number FRK000353 and a Cryptocurrency Exchange, license number FVR000431 registered at the Majandus- JA, Kommunikatsiooni- Ministeerium in Estonia

We are an experienced team of entepreneurs and devolopers engaging in digital asset technologies!

The IW World Exchange is an online digitalised exchange that facilitates valuation and fundraising for private companies. The exchange operates just like any other exchange but with assets digitalised and denominated in cryptocurrencies. These currencies are listed on the exchange, followed up with an offering and then subsequently listed on other cryptocurrency exchanges to maintain liquidity.

Our digital exchange coupled with our integrated cryptocurrency trading platform offers a valued blockchain technology that will benefit both private companies and cryptocurrency traders.

Data security is our utmost concern and we take it very seriously! Our data is spread across three seperate servers The user interface and server modules are on one server. The admin and trading engine modules are on another server. Finally, the wallet module is on its own server for maximum security. The three servers do share information, and we can reboot the exchange from the other servers if one server goes down. However, launching an attack against an exchange structured this way would be resource intensive and difficult.

+ Number Of Listed assets
+ Clients
+ Billion € Valuation Of Listed Assets
Different Industry Sector Represented

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  •   A Licensed and Registered Cryptocurrency Exchange (see About Us)

  •   Trade a multitude of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin & Ethereum.

  •   Instant trading upon account opening.

  •   Trade GDR's

  •   Ability to purchase exchange listed assets in crypto or fiat currency.

  •   Ability to raise capital for private companies through the sale of digital assets on the IW World Exchange.

  •   Private company listing on exchange within 48 hours.

  •   Very high data security, data is spread over three seperate servers.

  •   Working with proven industry peers, skalex Gmbh and Integral Transfer Agency.


Listed below are our markets and assets trading in three currencies, Euro, Bitcoin and Ethereum. We are constantly increasing the number of our markets and currencies!

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Find everything you need to know about the exchange!
I Signed Up - What Happens Next

Get familiar with the exchange and its options

Crypto Charts & Calculators

A few helpful crypto tools

Blockchain Explained

A breackdown of the crypto currency's engine

Buy Bitcoins

Best Options To Buy Bitcoins Online Around The World

In a Nutshell

Blockchain in simple terms

Digital Tokens

The inner workings of crypto coins

Legal & Privacy

The Do and Dont's in legal terms


Other things you may want to know

IW World Exchange Wallet Info

Information on our Wallet

How Do I Sign Up

How do I sign up, or transfer paper certificates


Required documents to receive coins, assets and be able to trade on our Exchange!
KYC - Know Your Client

Required form for individuals and companies!

Corporate Resolution Form

Submit this form if you plan to list your company on the Exchange.

Application Letter Form 1A

Fill out the form and copy the form content on your company's letterhead

Listing Application Form 1B

Submit this form to have your company listed on the IW World Exchange.

Listing Summary Form 2

Submit this form if you plan to list your company on the exchange.

Personal Information Form 3

This form is required in order to list your company on the exchange.

EDT Information

Electronic Document Transmission Legal Clause from the UCC International Legal Standards


Security is our highest priority, we have several security features implemented on our trading platform.

Our Integrated technology platform, combines wallet security with engine performance, server robustness, client versatility and back office management.
The advantages of xWallet, xEngine, xServer, xClient and xAdmin form a fully functional, broadly tested, highly secure, robust, fast and comfortable crypto trading solution that will boost order volume and customer satisfaction on the exchange.

Securely store your cryptoasstes in a bulletproof wallet protected against in house and external attacks with deep freeze storage for the majority of our assets.
Our bullet-proof cryptoassets wallet with automatic deep freeze storage - remote and secure. xWallet is designed to run shielded from the trading cluster. Every communication of the cluster with xWallet is secured by a cryptographic process that provides symmetric encryption of wallet commands based on user passwords.
When integrated with xServer and xClient users can choose two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator and e-mail to protect every wallet access. In accordance with user configuration only double authenticated wallet requests are passed on to xWallet via symmetric encryption. xWallet's deep freeze storage solution enables a group of trust holders to set up multiple multisignature wallets of increasing size. The wallet supervisor process will automatically swap assets to deep freeze storage in accordance with a rational equation that correlates overall assets with hot wallet size. In case of a hot wallet underrun the multisig wallets can be restored and subsequently recreated individually when cryptographically signed by a predefined number of trust holders.

Let orders match instantly and reliably and without locking at the customer funds.
Our high performance robust, flexible and optimistic cryptocurrency trading engine.
xEngine's best-match approach brings the lowest buy order to a match with the highest sell order. Price determination keeps the volatility as low as possible by referring the previously matched price as a reference. Adjustable parameters like minimum nominal and trading fee with special options, e.g. maker-taker fees are taken into account.
Order matching supports limits as well as unlimited orders. With our Optimistic Fund Locking feature funds remain free until execution and can be withdrawn at any time. If insufficient funds are available at execution time the order is partially executed and the rest is either paused or canceled based on the traders' choice. With Optimistic Fund Locking no funds have to be available at order creation time. The order remains paused until funds become available. Once deposits have been booked, paused orders will immediately be activated and executed if a match can be made.
xEngine's only external connection is the persistence cluster to fully eliminate security risks. xEngine is is designed for high volume trading up to 1,000,000 orders/hour.

Use our distributed high security server persistence layer with enterprise grade availability.
The fully scalable enterprise crypto wallet and trading API that runs with mobile, desktop and bot clients.
xServer's clustered persistence layer offers robustness and scalability and allows adding and removing servers without downtime. Stateless and session-free job processing allows for high speed transactions with low memory footprint. DNS failover switches off dysfunctional nodes and instantly reroutes traffic to other cluster nodes.
The REST based JSON API covers the entire functional wallet and exchange range and can be used to connect automatic trading peers as well as crypto wallet and trading clients. Built upon standard the standard LAMP technologies the utilized security mechanisms are broadly tested and highly reliable.

Gives our customers a responsive gate to the exchange protected by two-factor authentication. Is the responsive pure JavaScript crypto wallet and trading client that is based upon xServer's API. It supports all client sizes from mobile to desktop.
Sensible user operations are secured with optional two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator and e-mail authentication that can be configured in user settings. xClient features instant notifications of order matches, price teasers, order book and charts. The multi currency account information provides detailed debit/credit entries, fee information and account history. Order entry and search cover the full range of xServer's order features from limited and unlimited orders to optimistic fund locking (with order pause or cancel on no credit option) to a broad range of order search options. xClient's liquid design looks great and allows easy handling on all devices from smartphones to tablets to desktop computers.

Enables our back office for frictionless fiat transfer, support handling and real time exchange customization. Provides frictionless fiat transfer, support handling and real time exchange customization. Our back office system helps you to manage fiat funds, answer support questions, configure deep freeze storage and adjust exchange parameters like minimum nominal and trading fees. With xAdmin we can book fiat payment receipts and see withdrawal requests you need to process. On the dashboard we can see open support queries and can view the support thread of each customer. Exchange configuration and deep freeze storage parameters can displayed and edited on intuitive interfaces that make it easy to run our cryptocurrency exchange. Login access to xAdmin is only available via VPN to exclude potential attackers.

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Company Headquarters

IW World Exchange,
a Division of BalanceGroup OÜ
65 Court Street, 6th Floor
Hamilton HM 12

Registered Offices

BalanceGroup OÜ
Roosikrantsi tn 2-K407
Harju maakond, Tallinn 10119

Registrations and Licenses

Company Registration: 14454667
Cryptocurrency Trading License: FVR000431
Cryptocurrency Wallet License: FRK000353