Small to medium sized companies, which are fast-growing or looking for additional sources of capital to fuel growth. Ideally suited to companies with turnover of between $5 million and $50 million, the iW World Exchange is suitable for a large range of companies that have previously found listing too onerous or compliance too demanding.

Just register on https://iwworldexchange.com and confirm the e-mail verification. Log In.

Please click on the link: "Forgot password" in the Login window. In the subsequent step, you will have to fill in the e-mail address you registered with on our site. After triggering the recovery e-mail, you can click the link in the e-mail and will be redirected to a page where you can change your password.

You can change your user name by opening your profile page and then simply typing in your new user name. If the user name already was assigned to another participant, you will receive a notification. After choosing your new user name, please click on "save profile" - your user name has been changed and will be updated in the user database.

Your e-mail address can be changed in your profile. Simply open the profile page and change your e-mail address in the corresponding field. After changing your e-mail address and saving the profile you will receive a confirmation e-mail that is sent to your new e-mail address. In order to complete the change of the e-mail address, you will have to click the confirmation link in the e-mail. After this you are able to log into your account with your new e-mail address.

Two-factor-authentication is based on using additional security features besides the login (username and password). IW World Exchange offers two alternatives for the 2FA, sending e-mail tokens and using Google Authenticator. Both alternatives can also be combined for maximum security. You are able to choose different security settings for particular actions.

E-mail authentication can be configured in the profile settings. After the activation you receive codes by e-mail when you use a function where you have activated it.

Google Authenticator is an app for smarthpones which can be downloaded for free in the stores/markets of the different smartphone manufacturers. After installing the authenticator app you have to set up a new account. You press "Add Google Authenticator" in the profile of the IW World Exchange wallet, and you receive a personal key that you enter (or scan the QR code) in order to link your IW World Exchange account with the Google Authenticator. After you linked your account you get a new OTP (one time password) every 30 seconds which can be used for example to log in, if you decided to protect your log in with GA. You can find a detailed manual here: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1066447?hl=eng

Please contact our support at support@iwworldexchange.com

Easier and cheaper capital raising
Improved pricing and liquidity
Enhanced brand and credibility
Positive impact on internal culture and increased focus on performance
Increased strategic flexibility.

iW World has lower listing costs and lower ongoing compliance costs
The single offering document, or in the case of a compliance listing, the disclosure document, also reduce resource requirements for listings.
Compliance and flexibility
Lower levels of entry through reduced compliance standards
Ongoing flexibility to facilitate growth e.g. reduced levels of shareholder approval required for transactions.

There is no requirement for independent directors.

The listing process takes one to four weeks.

You can deposit Bitcoins through any external Bitcoin wallet like Coinbase, or see more Third Party Wallets, and transfer them into your IW World Exchange account.

You can request a Bitcoin withdraw from your account and transfer them into a Bitcoin wallet of your choice. Currently if you want to withdraw FIAT currency you have to do it through a Third Party Wallet.