Everything you need to know about the exchange!
I Signed Up - What Happens Next

Get familiar with the exchange and its options

Crypto Charts & Calculators

A few helpful crypto tools

Blockchain Explained

A breackdown of the crypto currency's engine

Buy Bitcoins

Best Options To Buy Bitcoins Online

In a Nutshell

Blockchain in simple terms

Digital Tokens

The inner workings of crypto coins

Legal & Privacy

The Do and Dont's in legal terms


Other things you may want to know

IW World Exchange Wallet Info

Information on our Wallet

How Do I Sign Up

How do I sign up for the Exchange


Required documents to receive coins, assets and be able to trade on our Exchange!
KYC - Know Your Client

Required form for individuals and companies!
(KYC 2019-1)

Corporate Resolution Form

Submit this form if you plan to list your company on the Exchange.

Application Letter Form 1A

Fill out the form and copy the form content on your company's letterhead

Listing Application Form 1B

Submit this form to have your company listed on the IW World Exchange.

Listing Summary Form 2

Submit this form if you plan to list your company on the exchange.

Personal Information Form 3

This form is required in order to list your company on the exchange.

EDT Information

Electronic Document Transmission Legal Clause from the UCC International Legal Standards