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I signed up, now what do I do next?

Go to


1. After you click on the “SIGN UP/LOGIN” button, you will see this screen.

2. Sign Up (Create my account now – if new user). If you have already an account, go to step 6.

3. After you have created a new account you will receive an email to confirm your account with this message: In order to complete your registration, please confirm your e-mail address through the following link

4. After your registration process is complete you are now able to log into your account.

5. After you login, please complete your profile and fill out the KYC (See “Document Information” for instructions) in order to use all areas of the exchange.

6. Click on the “TRADING” tab or on the “Trading” button.   

7. Click on the “SIGN UP / LOGIN” button.   

8. Go to “My Wallet” and Uncheck “Accounts with Balance”.   

9. This will display all active assets and currencies on the market.

10. To trade on the exchange you need to deposit cryptocurrency into your account [Bitcoin (BTC), or Ethereum (ETH)].

11. To deposit the Cryptocurrency you will buy the Token or Asset with, click on the Cryptocurrency tab   
Tthis will display    for ETH
This will display    for

12. Click on Deposit “your selected currency”.

13. Your deposit address will be displayed; this address is needed to transfer your Cryptocurrency from your Crypto wallet (an external wallet you should have) to your IWW Exchange account. This address is unique and is different for all assets and currencies. Make sure that you copy the full string into you wallets “Send to” box, verify the first and last few digits. If your address is incorrect you will lose your currency!

14. You should receive your transmitted Cryptocurrency in your IWW Exchange wallet shortly after you hit the transmit button.


15. You are now ready to buy the token or asset. Go to the trading floor by hitting “฿EXCHANGE” on the top of the screen,    right next to the HOME.

You will get to the following screen.

16. Use the drop down arrow to select the currency you will be using to buy or sell the token or asset – see Pointer Arrow on the picture above.

17. Select the asset (Click on the symbol) you want to buy or sell. (Currently we accept only Ethereum and Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies to buy the Token).

18. Make sure you select the correct token from the “MARKETS” Table (see picture below).

19. Enter the amount of tokens you plan to buy. For example, if you are using ETH to buy 100 IWWEE tokens at price per token of 0.0037 - enter 100 in the box “Amount IWWEE” and enter 0.0037 in the box “Price (ETH)”). (see screen shot below, arrows pointing to the selection you have made)

20. Now you are ready to buy your selected token; hit the green “BUY” box.

21. Congratulations you have now purchased YOUR tokens.

22. Your selected token can now be seen in your Wallet. (The time between you buy until it shows in your wallet depends on how many miners work on the transfer, it could be a minute or longer!)

23. To return to your wallet after you have purchased the tokens, click on your user name, see screen below and it will display your profile

24. Go to your wallet and you should see the amount of tokens you have purchased. Please contact us at if you haven’t received it within 24 hours.


25. To sell your tokens or assets on the exchange, follow steps 1 to14 above

26. Enter the amount of tokens you plan to sell. For example, if you are using ETH to sell 100 IWWEE tokens at price per token of 0.0037 - enter 100 in the box “Amount IWWEE” and enter 0.0037 in the box “Price (ETH)”). (see screen shot below, arrows pointing to the selection you have made)

27. Now you are ready to sell your selected token; hit the red “SELL” box.

28. Your Sell Order will stay on the Market until some buyer will match your sell order. After a buyer hits the “BUY” button, you will receive your payment in ETH or BTC depending on which market the token was traded.

29. After you have received your BTC or ETH you can then transfer your cryptocurrency into your personal (third party) wallet or send it into a Cryptocurrency exchange and convert it into Fiat money!

30. Our exchange does not convert Cryptocurrency into Fiat money directly; it can only be done through third party exchanges!

31. For more information please check under the FAQ in the top bar of the exchange website!

Here are a few Cryptocurrency Exchanges which exchange Crypto into Fiat currency. There will be many more to come as the cryptocurrency will evolve and become a mainstream world currency!

IWW Exchange